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Men’s Warming Center at Bethel UMC Wish List:


Shoes - Sneakers, boots, or comfortable walking shoe              Sizes 8-14

Underwear - (boxers are preferred by the men)                                M, L, XL, XXL

Jeans or work pants all sizes - most needed - waist size 30-38 length 30-36 (especially need 32/32, 34/36, 36/34)

Hoodies      Warm gloves

Sweat Shirts      Sweat Pants

Jackets      Back Packs

Long Sleeve T-Shirts      Thermal Underwear

Socks      Toboggins

Wallets      Shower shoes

3 or 4 blade disposable razors      20 pillows

Wash cloths      Bath Towels - (light

Gallon Size Freezer Bags         weight (not too large)

33 Gallon trash bags      Sturdy Shopping Bag

Reading Glasses      Band Aids

Foot powder      Anti-bacterial ointment

Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen      OTC Cold medicine

Hand and body lotion      Cologne

Bath Size Bar Soap (soap containers)

Large Bottles of Shampoo for the showers

Large Bottles of Body Wash for the showers

Deodorant        18 gallon plastic tubs for storage

Full Size Toothpaste (toothbrush containers)

Rain ponchos      Coffee and Creamer

Room Deodorizer      Cleaning Supplies