Stewardship Notes 10-29-17

Over the next few weeks we will put into the bulletin and newsletter some information regarding stewardship and giving. We do have a congregational need that we must address.

·       As of 5/14 our givings were just short of budget $659.

·       As we moved into the summer months giving normally drops and we were short of budget $5,628 by 7/16.

·       We looked for a turnaround and it didn’t happen. By 9/10 we were below budget $7,798

·       Since then we have continued to fall and we are now at a budget shortfall of $15,014 as of last Sunday. 

We have expense savings in other areas to have cash in our bank account to pay bills, but have not been able to pay our monthly apportionments. What do we owe as of today?

$2,815 was due in August

$2,815 was due in Sept.

$2,815 is due this Month.

So basically we are $8,445 behind.  We need everyone’s help to reach this important commitment by the end of the year.  It works out to be an additional $1,000 over the remaining Sundays of the year.  Last year we fell short also and we had additional giving in late Nov and Dec to meet our apportionment commitment. We are starting earlier this year.

“Together, we do more”. That is the theme for the United Methodists as we pool our money from many congregations to make an impact both in our local communities, state, nationally and worldwide. That is what apportionments are all about.  Please prayerfully consider additional giving over the next few month.

Thank you, Steve Nyberg, Stewardship/Finance Chairperson