Current Blog —To My New Family Members

To My New Family Members (and church leaders),

        I had several conversations with church members yesterday that turned into brainstorming sessions.  We talked about fundraiser possibilities.  We discussed ministry opportunities.  It was so enjoyable that I decided to share the fun with you.

        As a quick example, what would you think of providing a prom for home-schooled children?  Charge a fee for a meal and to cover other expenses and we have a fundraiser and reach out into our community at the same time.

        Here’s one that’s not so quick: one of the things I already love about Aldersgate is that you have an outpost mentality.  What do I mean by that?  You see the church building as a place to offer ministry in Jesus name but you aren’t afraid to go beyond the walls to share our Lord’s name either.  Like a fort in the old west, you seem to come to church to recharge and refresh and then walk back out the doors into the frontier to get back to your Christian work and purpose.  It’s a beautiful attitude and incredibly Christ-like!  So, what would you think of building a log cabin on our campus and calling it The Outpost?  It could serve as a youth building, a room could be created as a small chapel with an outside entrance to allow people to pray, and we could design website material and, perhaps, radio advertising, around this whole idea of Aldersgate being an Outpost congregation.  Like I said, a lot of brainstorming took place.

        Here is what I ask of you.  Do you have fundraising ideas?  Send them to me.  Feel free to borrow ideas from other churches.  We’re all on the same team.  Get creative.  Our Finance Committee is always looking for good ideas and I will be sure to pass them on.

        Here is the other thing I ask of you.  Are there ministry opportunities that we are missing?  What are some ministries we could create that will get us out among those who may not have a church or any relationship with Jesus Christ?  Are there ministries we are doing that could be moved into our neighborhoods?  One example would be to offer VBS in people’s backyards.  Neighborhood children would be invited to attend.  Perhaps a 3-day event at first.  We could have three different sites during the summer.  We might share our story and our love with a child who doesn’t know our story.  Wouldn’t that be something wonderful!  The purpose would NOT be to seek out church members.  Our goal would be to teach children our songs and beliefs and to share the love of Jesus.  When we do that, I believe the church will grow with integrity and promise.  It’s simple: make our Christian family a place others want to be because they see who we are and like what they see in us.

        These are just ideas.  What are your ideas?  I would love to hear from you!  I look forward to hearing from you!  As one who is celebrating his one-month anniversary with you, I rejoice to be your pastor and to be in ministry with you.  Share your vision.  Share your ideas.  What is God putting on your heart, in your passions, on your mind?  Listen.  Hear what God is saying.  And get back to me. 

        With great excitement for our future together, Steve