Have you heard about the next Survivor game show they have planned?  Six men will be dropped on an island with one van and four kids for six weeks.  Each child plays two sports and takes music or dance lessons.  There is no access to fast food.  Each man must take care of his four children, keep his assigned house clean, correct all homework, complete science projects, cook, and do six loads of laundry a day.  The men have access to television but only when the kids are sleeping and all chores are done.  One catch: there is only one TV between them and no remote control.  Each man must be able to get a four-year-old to eat green beans.  They must also, simultaneously, be able to change a messy diaper and clean up after a sick baby.  They have to be able to juggle a wiggly toddler, six bags of groceries, answer the door to pay the pizza delivery guy, while the dog is barking, and shave without cutting themselves.  One of the challenges will be to prepare a meal for six with three hotdogs, four fish sticks, six chicken nuggets, a bag of frozen broccoli, half a can of tomato sauce, day-old macaroni and cheese, stale potato chips and guacamole.   They will be judged on how well they can make a model of a Native American teepee with six toothpicks, a tortilla, and one magic marker.  The winner gets voted off the island and gets his old job back!

        Actually, the winner gets called “Mom” or “Dad” and receives the grand prize of a lifetime full of blessings and heartache and joy and headaches and unimaginable love and upset stomachs.  For all of you Aldersgate Moms and Dads who give so much to the children of our church, God bless you!  Thank you for everything you do.  You show us Christ.  You show our children Christ’s love.  May you know the greater blessing, the gift of God that makes us all spiritual mothers and fathers to every child we know or meet.  God trusts them to us, to our care.

        If you are a child, please take time to tell a parent, or a spiritual parent, thank you.  Let them know they make a difference in your life.  May is known as the Festival of the Christian Home.  Celebrate the goodness of the home from which you came.  Celebrate the goodness of our church home.  And pray for those living in homes where the goodness is hard to see.  Let someone know they have been your blessing.  Pastor Steve