Images of Faith

I have always loved listening to stories told to me by our older church members of their memories of growing up. Saturday,Mrs. Beth Noles shared a powerful remembrance of her father. I had gone to HealthSouth for a visit with Beth on Saturday, and we talked about her wonderful parents and grandparents. Her father was a deeply devout man who adored his wife and family. Beth and her husband stayed with him for a brief while after his wife died. She said her dad was very thin, and through the summer and winter wore a long pair of long johns under his clothes all day long. She never went into her parents’ bedroom after they retired for bed, but because they were concerned about her dad after her mother’s death, Beth said she cracked her father’s bedroom door to be sure he was alright. There he was kneeling by his bed in those long johns, deep in prayer. It was a powerful image for Beth and even I could imagine the witness her unaware father had on her. Both of her parents had that kind of very genuine deep faith that touched all those around them, especially their children. No wonder God’s house has so much importance in Beth’s life. Why, that’s why she broke her femur. She had frost on the window of her car but was too impatient to get to Sunday school.

What images of our faith do others see in us, especially our children? Are they genuine, powerful and loving? As sweet as the enticing smells and tastes of our favorite Thanksgiving dish is the powerful image we should leave for those who catch us in those unguarded moments of our lives. On Thanksgiving Day, while you sit and ponder the past and your blessings, reflect on what image of your faith and God will others glimpse in you.

Pastor Pam