What Makes a Christmas?

In lieu of an article this week, Pastor Pam wanted to share the following poem by Jesse Williams.

What makes a Christmas?  Is it place or time,

A Christmas card, a holly wreath, a rhyme?

Is it a gift tied up with ribbons gay,

Does it mean Christmas when you “Merry Christmas” say?

The bells may softly chime “O Holy Night!”

The Christmas tree may glow with candle light,

The table may be spread with festive cheer

And yet no Christmas spirit hover near.

No, Christmas is from all these things apart,

It needs but a warm and open heart;

And sorrow, pain, and fear are swept away

When Christmas comes into the heart to stay:

For Christmas is but faith, and trust, and love,

A lifting of the eyes to Him above—

The Christ who came to earth to set men free,

God’s gift of love supreme to you and me.

And as the angel choir their anthems sing,

The story of God’s love to man they bring,

The promise of abiding peace impart—

‘Tis Christmas when Christ dwells within the heart.