Most of us drea...

Most of us dread change. But life will inevitably challenge us to accept that things will change. For 15-plus years, this church has been blessed with the grace, talent and leadership of Gary Wilson. I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air he has been to work with and how much I trust and respect his judgment and abilities as the Chancel Choir director at Aldersgate.

After much prayer and thought, Gary has decided it is time for him to finally retire as choir director. His last Sunday will be Jan. 29.  We are all heartsick to think how we can go on with the same quality of music he has offered to our church or the graciousness with which he has worked with the many ministers and choir members and congregation over the years. But we say goodbye with all our appreciation and love for his faithful service.

I ran across a poem that speaks to the gifts of song and Gary’s wonderful gift to this church throughout the years. It reminds us that God is in control of the music, and that we need to trust that God will bless Gary and lead us as a church to just the right person for Aldersgate — someone with the same depth and faith that Gary has offered our church.


By George L. Bell

As God sought a new gift

God hummed

And the vibration felt good

And God Hummed

A Second tone

To join the first

Then another

Until God made them

Into the sound of harmony

And it was good.

Then God gave the gift

To the messengers of heaven

To carry to souls

Of those who moved upon earth

And they hummed God’s hum

Each taking a special note

And moving one by one

To another

So that the melody was formed

That moved with a message

For which no words were needed.

Then God nudged the sounds

Into patterns

To add the colors of rhythms

Which would echo

The vibrations

Felt the pulse of all creation

And God felt good

As all the universe hummed

With the music of God’s soul.

Step by step

The heavenly music maker


Tapping earthly creatures

With mystic communion

Of emerging songs

And God caused notes

To be put in writing

So many could hear

What a single person

Has heard.

And God caused music makers to be created

So sound could be made

With the touch of fingers

And the breath

Of earthly air

And soon the simple hum

Became a vast complex

Of finely integrated sounds

So God’s music

Could be heard.

And God kept on moving

As self appointed


To sow in the souls of all

A mystic network of those

 In love with a hum

And with harmony

And rhythms and beats

And to this day

God’s earth rejoices

At God’s gift of music.


For over 15 years Gary has helped us hear God’s hum and melody.  We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his faithful service and wish him all of God’s blessings for his future.

PPRC has already begun the process of discerning who God wants to be music director at Aldersgate.  Please pray with us that God will lead someone with the gifts and graces of Gary to this church.

Pastor Pam