A Little Goes a Long Way

The last few weeks have taught me a lot. The bone I broke will heal easily, and with no cast I might add! The affected foot turned out to be my left foot so I can still drive.  My church family has been wonderfully supportive.  Short of me whining and my foot hurting the first week, I think I am most fortunate.  I have also learned some important lessons. Immediately, I had to make an adjustment in my routine.  There was no way I could carry my purse.  For us females, our purse is an extension of our body.  Men laugh at us for carrying it, but they often need some of its mysterious contents.  Mine was clearly hampering my ability to get where I needed to go, so I made the difficult decision to leave my purse behind.  I could only take what a pocket or two could carry.  Essential was my driver’s license, a credit card, and a little cash.  Amazingly, I got by just fine and really did not miss my purse all that much.  We will see what happens when my foot is healed enough to carry a purse again!

The lesson I have learned from this is I do not really need all I think I need.  I can get by with very little. Maybe that applies to life as well.  I stress over what I think I have to have, but stuff can be such a burden.  Learning to simplify can be such a great gift.

After all, nowhere in the New Testament did it say Jesus carried luggage everywhere he went!

While we may need less things than we think we do, what we should not leave behind are the faith and confidence that God is with us.  Hopefully, you and I will be sure to take along the courage, hope and kindness this faith puts in our hearts.  One thing I have learned, no matter how bumpy the road (or stairs!) in the end it will all be good!

Pastor Pam