Precious Memories

My stepfather’s death was devastating for us all, but especially for my nephew, Josh.  He and his granddad had been best buds all through his life.  Immediately after Daddy died, I was given the task of finding his discharge papers in his room.  Not an easy task; he had saved everything.  As I went through Daddy’s things, Josh sat by me and we talked about the grandfather he loved so much.  We set aside papers and items to save that somehow represented his grandfather.  After we finished, Josh and I made a memory box for things that reminded him of his granddad.  It has been over 12 years since daddy died, but I am sure Josh still has that box someplace. We all have things that remind us of people precious to us; drawings and art work your children made, or perhaps an adolescent letter from your child that still brings a smile.

There was a lovely lady at Methodist Oaks where I was chaplain who had all her husband’s love letters from long ago when he courted her.  Every week her daughter would read them to her.  All of us have precious mementos of those we love.

During Lent, we have placed mementos of items that remind us of Jesus’ last week before the cross.  They help us remember what Jesus endured.

What would God have to remember us by?  What precious things have we done to honor God?  What ways have we shown our love?  My nephew’s memory box of his grandfather was full when Josh and I finished.  Would the precious memories God have of us be overflowing?  Think about your life in terms of ways you can leave blessing for God to enjoy.  That could make all the difference for our relationship with God and for our spiritual life.

Pastor Pam