About Those Worms

What about those worms?  It looks like an invasion.  Storm troopers of little worms, suspended from silky fine filaments from the trees, worms covering the drive, garbage can, cars.  Everywhere I look there are these worms.  They are frantically going someplace.  They cover the opening of the garage door when I open it.  They are troublesome, requiring frequent trips to clean the car.  They are a nuisance because I worry they could unknowingly have gotten on me as they drop without warning from their silky ropes onto my clothes.  I have a fear of one of the little creatures crawling out of my robe while I am preaching, to the horror of the congregation.  While I might fret and storm about them, there is really little I can do. I think about the things we get in such a stew about that we really can’t change.  So much of our energy goes to focusing on problems we cannot change, that we miss the blessings and important things right there in front of us.  As aggravating as the worms have been, they are the advent of spring and the wonderful sunny days we are now having.

The disciples were walking down the road, deep in discussion about what they had seen in Jerusalem that week.  They talked about Jesus’ crucifixion, the betrayal, and probably all that had happened.  Thank goodness they were not too engrossed in talking about the events to become a part of the unfolding new story of the resurrection and miss their very own encounter with the living Savior.

The worms are challenging me to not sweat the small stuff and keep my eye on the new unfolding important things God really wants me to see and be a part of.  Before you know it the worms will disappear and just be a memory.

Pastor Pam