Simple Moments

What do you remember from your life that seems special?  For me it is never the grand big splashy events but simple things that paint a precious memory.  From childhood, I remember my grandfather making a play hut out of boards and sheets attached to an old gnarly fruit tree.  I played for hours in my hut.  Also precious were the morning breakfasts my grandfather and I shared.  We sat at a little table talking about all kinds of things that fascinate a child.  Papa would fill my saucer with about two tablespoons of coffee, a lot of cream and a generous amount of sugar.  I treasure the memories of my grandfather and the simple moments we shared. Years later, I had the chance to make memories with my nephew, Josh.  When Josh would visit me when he was young, we too had our rituals.  Early morning began with a breakfast to the stories of Jerry Clower on the radio.  Both of us laughing at the antics of the Ledbetters.  The day was spent exploring in the woods.  We packed a picnic, and looked for treasures.  I remember Josh’s excitement when he thought we were rich because he found gold (micah) in a stream bed.

Not so long ago Maclane came to visit at my house in Lugoff.  We camped out in the back yard, pitching a tent, making s’mores, and finding walking sticks.

In the fall, Maclane and his grandmom came to Rock Hill and the three of us went to Discovery Place.  We packed a picnic.  I told Maclane we had  gourmet peanut butter sandwiches.  We had a tail gate at the car on the roof to Discovery Place.  I think Maclane enjoyed that as much as Discovery Place itself.

To me, these memories echo the stories of Jesus coming back to the disciples after he was resurrected.

Coming and sitting with them sharing a meal.  Years later they would have recalled those special moments they shared a simple meal with Christ.

Treasure the small moments.  Later on they will be so precious.

Pastor Pam