Happy Baptism

This time of the year is filled with celebrations that mark important events in our lives like graduations, Mother’s day, and Father’s day.  My family has a number of birthdays and anniversaries throughout the spring.  Celebrating  significant landmarks helping us cherish those important moments in people’s lives. Baptism is a powerful moment that celebrates God’s choosing us.  We matter to God.  Before we even recognize God’s draw on us, God has staked a claim on our hearts.

Many years ago, one of my members told me she heard her five year old daughter running water in the bathroom.  She entered to find her little girl with her baby dolls immersed in the bathtub as she was busily baptizing them.  For that child, observing a baptism in church had a significant influence.

Sunday, we will be celebrating a baptism at Aldersgate, and I hope it will help us all remember the significant place God has in each of our lives.  Happy Baptism!

Pastor Pam