Daring to Go Deep

Vacation Bible School begins this coming Sunday. The theme is a sea theme and called Operation Overboard.  When I was a young girl, my family took a vacation trip to Florida.  We got to go on a glass bottom boat.  I was amazed to see what lies under the water!  Fish swam past, a manatee appeared, we saw turtles, rock formations and grass!  Who knew what all was under the water?  We could never have known if we had not gone on the glass bottom boat. Next week, our children will discover stories and truth they did not know existed in the parables and stories of the Bible.  Take the time to invite children you know.  This year’s VBS will run from Sunday through Thursday.

Unfortunately I will be leaving Sunday after church for Annual Conference. Dr. Bill Click and I will be in attendance there until Wednesday.  I will return Wednesday evening and be present at the closing on Thursday.  I will be checking in periodically with Tracy to make sure all is well with our church.  If you have an emergency, contact me via my cell phone or let Tracy know and she will call me.

I want to say a huge thank you to the crew of leaders for all of their effort and work that has gone into planning our VBS.  Have a whale of a  time!

Pastor Pam