Changing Plans

It is incredible how quickly life can change our plans.  I have a particular routine for Sunday evening and early Monday morning.  I begin at about 6pm on Sunday, carefully reading next week’s scripture and trying to hone in on the best direction to take with the next week’s sermon.  Either late Sunday or very early Monday morning I begin writing my article for the newsletter.  This weekend, all that changed.  A small spot of water in front of the refrigerator Sunday morning took the next 24 hours in a totally different direction.  The little spot turned out to be a huge amount of water and required a thorough cleaning and mopping under and behind the refrigerator.  My plans changed! This was a small change in my life, we all have them, but how we handle them says volumes about our character.  We can rant and rave and wave our fist in the air at the unfairness or we can adjust and roll up our sleeves and just get down to work and deal with the crisis.  Yes, sometimes it becomes a disaster, but that is life and life is NOT fair.  How do you handle the small and big inconveniences of life?  Do you look to God for patience and a new direction?  If we don’t look to God for guidance, we just remain muddled in a pool of disaster.  We all have a choice.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Beth Hollingsworth, who has stepped in and taken responsibility for the acolyte training and scheduling.  Folks have noticed the care and time Beth is giving the children.  I’d also like to thank Diane Barfield and Tina Corbett who have taught late elementary Sunday school for years. They are stepping down, and Leslie Maury is stepping up to take over the class.  Another huge thank you to Margaret Henson, who has handled bereavement meals following an immediate family death, and comfort meals for those hospitalized.  Margaret is stepping down, and Betty Farrington and Louise Thomas will coordinate the hospital meals, and Hope Carter and Lyn Skews have stepped forward to coordinate bereavement meals.  This is a very important ministry for our church.  A huge thank you to all those who quietly go about doing those countless jobs that mean so much in our church’s spiritual life.  They do it with little fanfare and no expectation of thanks, but faithfully fulfill their job.  You all are the true blessings at Aldersgate.

Pastor Pam