Introducing Automatic Drafts for your Giving/Donations

Have you ever used an automatic draft to pay your mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.?  Do you have a Paycheck or Social Security Check Direct Deposited to your bank account?  We've all heard of it, and many of us use some form of Funds Transfer in our daily lives. Aldersgate UMC will begin offering you the option to have your tithes and donations directly drafted from your bank account.

Is it good for you?

  • Provides Convenience (No Checks, No Cash, No Problem)
  • Keeps you on track with stewardship commitments
  • Guarantees your uninterrupted support

Is it good for our Church?

  • Provides much needed donation consistency for our Church with minimal costs
  • Saves Church Staff time
  • Adds greater security by requiring less cash and checks to be handled by Counters

The provider of this service will be Vanco Services (  Vanco comes recommended by the National United Methodist Church.  They offer this service to nearly 12,000 churches.  Based on average attendance, we are larger than approximately 25% of the churches they serve.

How do YOU get started?

1. Complete an Authorization Form which can be downloaded HERE:  This form will tell us how much money your donations will be, how often your account will be deducted, which funds you choose to support, and provide the banking information for the draft.

2. Return the Authorization Form to the Church Office by any of these methods:

  • Place in the Offering Plate any Sunday
  • Mail it to:  AUMC, 2115 Celanese Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732
  • Fax to 803-366-3106
  • Scan and email to:
  • That's it

Please allow two weeks before your drafts will begin.

You will use this same Authorization Form to Set Up your Draft, Change Donation amount, Change Donation date, Change Banking/Credit Card information, or to cancel your draft.  This Authorization Form will also be available in the bulletins this week and on the table in the Narthex.

I want to stress, this option is only another alternative to help you.  There is absolutely no requirement for you to switch over your current method of giving.  If you choose not to participate, that's fine, nothing changes from your perspective.  You are welcome to continue giving just as you always have.

Yours in Christ,

Wayne Miller, Church Council Chairman