Labor Day

In the fourth century, one of the church mystics, Eusebius of Caesarea said, “The pleasures of God are the hymns which everywhere in the world are offered in the church at morning and evening time.”  I am sure this mystic literally meant hymns, but I take it to mean what we put our efforts into….our work!  Whether we are washing dishes, tending a fussy baby, nailing a nail in a frame for a home, typing over our keyboard, or just enduring a tedious meeting, our work can be a hymn to God.  No one may appreciate our efforts but if we do it to honor God we will be blessed. This Sunday is Labor Day Sunday, and we want to encourage one and all to bring in a symbol of your work and place it at the altar at the 10:30 service to be blessed.  Our efforts, no matter how unappreciated, will make all the difference in the world if done with a prayer and to glorify God.

My Aunt Meme was a wonderful Christian, sweet and encouraging.  The last month of her life she was in the old St Francis Hospital in downtown Charleston dying of cancer.  She was in pain, but did not complain.  Much of the glow and cheerfulness seemed to have left her until a cleaning woman at the hospital gave my aunt the medicine that really made the difference.  Early one morning, my mom went to see Aunt Meme, and as she came down the hall, she heard singing.  This sweet cleaning lady and Aunt Meme were singing hymns together.  Mom said Aunt Meme had the smile on her face and the brightness in her countenance that we had dearly missed.  This nameless lady while doing her job, was also working to be a blessing to others.  Our work can be an honor and a privilege if we invite God to be involved.  Let’s celebrate what we do Sunday!

Pastor Pam