Signs of Spring

After a very gloomy March with snow, rain and frost, finally spring is here.  Flowers and green tentatively make their appearance.  It is as if they are not sure what reception they will receive.  The flowers are  probably afraid they will receive a dose of frost or freezing rain.  But nevertheless, there are hopeful signs of spring. Holy Week came also.  Sometimes we would like to forget the ugliness of it:  the violence, the betrayal, the sin and the innocent suffering.  But we need Holy Week for Easter to really have power.

Remember, the living presence of Christ is still with us.  Look for signs of resurrection in each day.  I am including this poem by Susan Staff…


The message is, “He is in our midst.” Pass it on. Beware the denim-shirted brother with Unruly hair. Beware the Wall Street capitalist And the subway bum! The message is, “He has come.” Who will be the first to pass him by? Emmaus stretches – an asphalt infinity Six lanes wide. On the untimeliest of Eastertides He’s on the loose, Incognito. There’s no description But the scars will all be there. Old wounds do not erase. Searchers, check each hand you hold for nails, Each face for love. The message is, “He is in our midst.” Pass it on.