News from Coffee & Conversations

If your Monday mornings are not committed, come join us at Coffee and Conversations. We meet at 10:00 a.m. in the last classroom on the right in the Sunday School wing. We are finished by 11:30. Through the years we have used a variety of study materials—some traditional and some out in left field. All have helped us grow in our spiritual journey. You feel comfortable offering your opinion and stating your views and, the others may or may not agree. That is the whole point. We learn from each other.

This past Monday we finished a study on the earth God has given us to use and maintain and how we have not lived up to that commission. It opened our eyes to what we as individuals can and should due to be true to what is expected of us.

This coming Monday we begin a new study using a book by Garold Andersen name a Brand New Bag. He introduces the study by saying, “I called myself a solid Christian. In reality I was stuck in a rut.” Are you ready to rethink almost everything you thought you knew about God, his Messiah, and his church? Come join us and allow us to benefit from your thoughts and getting to know you better.

Coffee and Conversations is just one of several small groups at Aldersgate and small groups are wonderful ways of getting to know others at Aldersgate.