Only the Kingdom of God

My grandparents had a simple craftsman style home on Highway 17 in the Bonnoe area.  It sat below the road and had a lovely large wisteria to the right, a huge oak tree in front of the yard and a cleanly swept sandy front yard.  To the north side of the property was a huge garden.  I remember the place with detail because so many happy memories were there. About ten years ago I drove down 17 looking for the place where my grandparents’ house had been. Knowing the spot so well, I was shocked that it took me so long to find the spot again.  There was no sign of the lovely little house or the oak tree.  I was filled with a sadness that comes from finding things we love lost forever.

Paul reminds us with a directness that the things of this earth will never last.  Only the Kingdom of God is forever.  What a comfort to know when we face loss and change, that the God who changes not, the Alpha and Omega, will be there standing firm to hold our hand.

Pastor Pam