Let's Be Inspired

In the hot days of summer, we all are lured to the water. It has always been that way. A century ago Clarence decided to take his girlfriend on a picnic to the quite island in a lake at the edge of town. If they could leave by ten, rowing the boat would be finished well before the heat of the noon day sun. The day arrived and as he began rowing with his lady and a wonderful picnic lunch aboard, he was filled with excitement. The thirty minute row seemed only a moment.

On the island they sat on a blanket in the cool shade of an oak tree. After a while they decided to have lunch. By the time they finished, the shade was not as cool as it had been earlier. She said that it would be nice if he would get them some ice cream while she stayed in the shade. He went reluctantly and brought back the ice cream. Then she said some chocolate syrup would be good. With a little disdain he rowed again in the heat of the day and brought back the syrup. Upon one more request, Clarence took things in his own hands, packed the boat, took his girlfriend home, and by the end of the day Clarence Evinrude had invented the outboard motor!

We never know from where inspiration for great achievements may come. Sometimes it comes from unpleasant circumstances we face, detached observations of the world in which we live unhurried times of “tarrying prayer,” or reflecting on passages of Scripture.

As Jesus uses all means available to guide us, let us be aware of His leading in our lives. The unexpected opportunities He brings our way not only make life full and abundant for us, but also makes us effective in the Kingdom of God. So let us read His word, listen in prayer, and be watchful of how Jesus directs the circumstances of life. No telling how we will receive inspiration from God to do great things in the Kingdom.-- Ben