From where does spiritual strength come? So often we feel we have no power or influence to change the bring people to Christ. We feel if we try harder that somehow we will gain power to make disciples. This can become frustrating because it puts most all responsibility on us. When things don’t go as we like it, we blame ourselves for not being “what we should.” We need to remind ourselves that we are not strong because of all the things that stand on us...those things we carry, but upon Whom we stand and by Whom we are carried.

      Bill Gaither wrote a song entitled “The Lighthouse” which reflects this point. What appears o be the lights of two ships approaching each other at night on a storm-tossed sea causes the captain of one to order the other to veer so many degrees to the right. The response came from the second ordering him to move so far to the left. A war of wills took place with the captain of the ship becoming more intense, while the voice of the other was calm. “I am the captain of the ship,” shouted one. “I’m a seaman second-class,” was the calm reply. This is a U.S. Navy destroyer.” screamed the captain. “I am the lighthouse,” said the seaman. “Change your course.” 

     Though the captain was never outranked, he was “out-flanked.” From the secure position of being on solid rock, the seaman second class could tell the captain in a ship what to do. Though we may be out-numbered, out-ranked and out-smarted in the world, we are not out-flanked. We are not overcome. We are on the solid rock! We do not carry the rock. We are on the rock. Location, location, location! It is from this position and this position only do we have spiritual strength. And it doesn’t take an act of Congress to get us there.--Ben