How Much?

As we approach the holiday season, our attention begins to shift toward yearly expectations: Halloween activities (for whatever reason), then All-saints Sunday, Thanksgiving (turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (for whatever reason). Christmas (Cantata, Christmas Eve service, for good reason) Saint Nick, gifts, and bills and bills and bills (for whatever reason), and finally, the budget (yours and ours {i.e. church budget} for necessary reasons). Yes, we see how we are “doing” as we approach year’s end. But church giving is not about “How we’re doing.” It’s not that haphazard.Giving to the church is not about paying the bills or meeting the budget. It’s about a discipline between the giver and God to and through the church. The Bible lifts up the standard of one-tenth as the tithe. The word “Tithe” is the Hebrew word which means a tenth. Had the translators of the Bible translated the Hebrew word instead of transliterating it (writing it out in English letters) there would be no confusion from where the “tenth” originated. (That’s just for your information.) While the New Testament affirms the tithe, let’s not be legalistic. Instead, let us consider the ramifications of the following food for thought. “Help us to give according to our incomes….Lest Thou, O Lord, makes our income according to our gifts.” Sobering! -- Ben