This week, I will be headed up to the mountains around Ashville for a little vacation.  I will travel around the Asheville/Brevard area.  I am hoping it won’t be rainy but will be cool.  Those kinds of things I cannot control, but one thing I can take care of is finding my way around.  I don’t have to worry; I have my trusty GPS, Beatrice. My GPS has made my life so much easier.  I insert the adress and just follow her directions.  No fiddling with maps any longer, trying to look while I drive, Beatrice safely guides me.  No frustration when I can’t see, searching for road signs that are not there, day or night.  But I have to confess, it took me a while to trust Beatrice.

For years, I have gone to Michigan.  In the past I would go up interstate 77 until I could go no further, and run along the Ohio turnpike.  I would travel about 900 miles.  The first time I plugged in my friend’s Ann Arbor address, Beatrice showed about 600 miles to where I was going.  I almost chickened out when it suggested I cross the state of Ohio heading west on a two-lane road.  I second guessed her directions, but my GPS was right.

Time and time again, I have found I could trust my GPS to get me there safely.  I only get in trouble when I second guess the directions or don’t carefully pay attention.

I think my relationship with God is much like my growing relationship with my GPS, Beatrice.  I have to turn my life over to God and then pay attention to God’s nudgings.  When I get caught up or distracted by the noisiness of life’s distractions, I cannot hear what God is saying to my heart.  My biggest down fall is second guessing God, by not trusting God’s leading or prematurely jumping in before I am sure it is God’s will for my life.

While journeying through your life, follow God’s lead.  Find ways to keep yourself more in tune with God’s guidance.  Occasionally a GPS can be wrong, not often, but it does happen.  But you never go wrong following God’s lead.  See you next week.

Pastor Pam