New Year and a New Way of Doing Things

This year marks a change in how we are installing and doing our planning with our new church officers. 

Council Chair Wayne Miller and I discussed our routine of having our planning session the first Saturday of January and installing the next Sunday.  Wayne felt we would have a better attendance if we waited till February to have our planning event.  Wayne and I will meet with Chris Lynch our district’s new congregational specialist on Thursday to map out what we want to accomplish and what the date will be for the event. 

For all newly elected officers, your leadership begins as of January 1 of this year.  You can begin attending the council and begin making your plans.

Call or email Tracy and me in the church office to put dates down for your area of ministry.  There is a large calendar on the table outside the office, put your date down on that calendar (but be sure to let Tracy know you have done so).  Check to see whether another church committee is scheduled for the same time.

Last year, we had two wonderful groups that met at the same time for most of the year. The fact that both groups met at the same time did not affect most of the participants, but it meant I had to alternate which group I could visit with each month.  So take the time to check the schedule, and think about making it easy for members (and your pastor!) to attend.

If you are chair of a ministry area, a task force, or a committee like trustees or finance, begin scheduling your meetings for the year.  Have them on the calendar for the year.  Invite folks that have a passion for the ministry area you are chairing.  Talk to folks who have chaired your area in the past. Set up an appointment with me if you want to get resources, guidance and clarity about your work area.  Your success in your work area is a priority to me as your pastor and to your church.  Talk with members of our congregation to see what they feel is important for us to accomplish.  After prayer and reflection, think of one or two goals you would like to achieve, and let us get behind you to accomplish it.

Congregation: Your role in Aldersgate’s vital ministry is to offer to help, to PRAY for these new officers and to be an encourager!  SO let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!!!

A number of folks wanted the Erma Bombeck resolutions I shared in Sunday’s sermon so I include them in my newsletter musings this week.

                     Erma's New Year's Resolutions

1. I'm going to clean this dump just as soon as the kids grow up.

2. I will  go to no doctor whose office plants have died.

3. I'm going to follow my husband's suggestion to put a little excitement into my life by living within our budget.

4. I'm going to apply for a hardship scholarship to Weight Watchers.

5. I will never loan my car to anyone I have given birth to.

6. And just like last year...I am going to remember that my children need love the most when they deserve it the least.

Pastor Pam