A Note about Summer Giving

As we begin to move into the summer months, many of us will be missing Sundays here or there while we are out of town.  Although you may not be here, the Church still needs your contributions to continue our ministries.  Through April, we are nearly $8,000 behind last year's giving rate.  As you know, we have had several Sundays where attendance could have been affected by weather, including the last two.  This is where I really encourage you to use our Online Giving program.  A link can be found to securely register on both our websites, www.aumcrockhill.com and www.aumcblog.com.  Any giving through the online program still gets credited to your account, just as if you use an envelope.  Many of you use drafts and online bill pay to take care of your utilities and other payments, so please consider adding Aldersgate to your list.  Additionally, this weekend is our annual giving for Epworth.  If you will not be here this weekend, please consider making a donation through the online giving program as well.

Wayne Miller, Council Chairman