Learning from a Rascal

                             Memories and God’s Design


   When I was a little girl I spent most of my summers and as many weekends as I could at my grandparent’s home in the country. My grandmother was a hard working, talented woman who could do almost anything she set her mind to. One thing I remember about her was how very fashionable she always looked. She always wore a lovely outfit to church. I remember afternoons of her laying bolts of cloth out on the table and using a pattern cutting out and sewing a dress for herself or one of the granddaughters. My Mom and aunt  both were good seamstresses. I know they learned from her. My aunt Meme even made my uncle Kenny’s suits.

         I never thought about my grandparents as being poor because my grandmother’s talents enabled them to have the best. Years later in high school I was determined to learn to sew like my grandmother. I learned quickly the secret of being a successful seamstress is to carefully follow your pattern and take your time sewing your seams. Many a pattern was ruined because I got in a rush or didn’t carefully read the pattern as I laid it out, cut it out and put it together.

         I remember the handsome coats and suits my grandmother had made on her old treadle singer that you pumped with your foot to make it work. It looked so easy when she did it.

       The secret to successful  living is the same skill I learned from my grandmother so many years ago. Knowing God has a design for all life, the secret of being successful is carefully paying attention to that design.

       He has a design for our lives. We get ourselves in trouble when we get in too big of a rush to follow it.

Pastor Pam