A Change Of Attitude

When we think of ourselves as Christians what characteristics come to mind? Maybe bold witness, faithful steward but how about characteristics like humility, kindness and a forgiving spirit. When I was a child it was so hard to be forgiving and so many reasons as the oldest child with two rowdy brothers and a little sister who shared a room with me, it wasn’t hard for me to have something to complain about.

When grudges and "He started it!" fills the air turmoil runs the family. God helped me find an attitude adjustment when I was 10. I do not remember the incident but I remember rather than blaming, I took a good hard look at myself and I did not like who I was. God helped me change my attitude.

I wish I was always a forgiving spirit but it is hard to justify our complaints to a God who died for all of our wrongs! Christ challenges us to live in a state of kindness and forgiveness and humility.

The next time you are aggravated at a wrong you feel was done to you, remember a wrong you did to someone else and ask for forgive-ness.

No matter how wronged we feel we are, I promise you, we have probably been unkind and even more sinful than those we feel have wronged us.

What a sweet spirit will fill our halls when " forgiveness and kindness and humility" become the order of the day.



Aldersgate Experience


October 13th, 2013

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