Disappointments are those moments in life when we think we are going in one direction and then, suddenly, what we were planning falls apart and life turns us around and upside down. Sometimes it is a small disappointment. Other times might be big life changing disappointments that hit us, knocking us to our knees. Disappointments can com-pletely change our mood and approach to all life. For some of us, it leaves us bitter for many years.

In National Lam-poon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswall is expecting his annual Christmas bonus. It was to enable his family to have a special Christmas. What he received instead was a far cry from the bonus. Suddenly he is in a panic and Christmas slides toward a complete disaster.

Maybe disappointment is completely unexpected as it was to a young husband and father who came home after work to find his house empty and his wife gone, taking his child to live with his best friend. A terrible thing to face and certainly an event that can pull you down the rabbit hole of misery and unhappiness.

Biblical characters show us that even though life has placed them in a place they did not want to be, God did not for-sake them.

 Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was long past retirement age and more than ready to settle down with her elderly hus-band surrounded by her family and friends. Next thing you know they have packed their possessions to travel to a place that is not even identified to them by God.

 Isaac, the son of Abraham, led to a mountain to pray with his beloved father finds suddenly his head and neck laid across the altar.

 Joseph, in the well, was betrayed by his brothers and sold to slave traders.

 Daniel and his two friends were placed in the frightening lion’s den.

What can we do when we cannot do anything? We can cling to our God. God who is forever ready to love, listen, and support. Don’t let the disappointments of life balloon into huge disappointments, spiraling us into bitterness and dis-couragement.

The Psalmist said, "Lord, even when I have trouble all around me,

you will keep me alive.

When my enemies are angry,

You will reach down and save me by your power. 138:7

We keep moving on with confidence in this new direction. God will continue to bring blessings into our life. Who knows, this change of circumstances through faith ,and through perseverance, might end up being a great blessing.

Paul reminds us in Galatians 6:9 :

"We must not become tired of doing good.

We will receive our harvest of eternal life

At the right time if we do not give up."

Travel on this Lent and know, no matter what disappointments and setbacks hamper your life, God will be with you.



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