“God Wants Full Custody, Not Just Weekend Visitation”

This statement was seen on a church sign in Spartanburg, but since nothing is always original, you may have seen it elsewhere. Regardless, the statement speaks in today’s terms, the truth of God’s desire to be with us always. We remind ourselves that Jesus said that He would never leave us. Does the reality of this bring comfort or discomfort to our hearts? To those living in the full faith of Christ, there is great joy in knowing Jesus is with them every step of each day’s path. For the less committed, the fact that Jesus is always around is somewhat disconcerting. It’s like, “give me my space, let me enjoy my privacy.” It’s like we could really hide anything from His view or knowledge of us, right? Acknowledging the foolishness of the latter, let us embrace the fullness of faith Jesus came to give.

Jesus said that He came to give abundant life. How does He do this? There is no way except by the power of His Spirit and the light of His Word. With the power and word of the Holy Spirit, God has full custody. With that we experience the truth reflected in, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Without it we experience the reality of, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.”

In life there is always a choice before us. This could be called a “no-brainer.” But it’s not about our brain. It’s about our spirits. Do we really want all Jesus has for us? Do we want Him to lead and guide us in His ways moment by moment? When we do, God has full custody and we have life the world knows nothing of. -- Ben