A Point Of No Return

It has been said that those born in 2000 do not live in the same world into which they were born. I believe that would be true for eight year olds as well! The world is moving so fast I wonder if there is a “point of no return,” a point when passed leads to destruction without any ability to correct the direction, would we pass it before we could even see it? At Stone Mountain Georgia, a large round monolith, there is a retaining barrier which says, “Do not walk past this point.” When asked why the boundary, the park worker said that somewhere beyond that boundary is the “point of no return.” It is a point past which you can walk down, but from which you cannot walk back up. The world definitely does not stand still. It goes relentlessly forward, but in which direction, toward life or death? You will go to your death trying to walk up or down because you can’t stand in one place forever.

Thankfully, the grace of God gives an alternative to the fast-paced world heading somewhere without direction. This alternative is the Kingdom of God in which His people find direction and security amidst the hustle and bustle of the wayward world in constant change. It is a kingdom which is eternal, established by eternal decrees that keep us in the will and the way of God. Its head is “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.”