Why Do You Read the Bible?

People read the Bible for many reasons. They read to find instruction for life, to gain hope and assurance, to visit God’s promises and learn about our Lord. It tells of our future. It does many things. But one thing it does not do, it does not meet our needs. No. Rather, it defines our needs. Often we have so many wants and wishes which we convince ourselves we need. Then, we go to the Bible to make sure God agrees with us! But the Bible actually exposes our wants and wishes for what they really are and then tells us our true need. Having rightly defined our needs, the Bible points us to Jesus who has done all things well to meet our every need. It is the Savior revealed in the Bible who provides all that pertains to “life and godliness”.

So let us not define our needs and seek the Bible only to affirm our desires. Let the Bible define our needs and seek Jesus’ provision which it reveals. -- Ben