The Pain of Light

Psalm 119 says that the entrance of God’s word brings light. But light is not always pleasant. As a boy I attended several double-feature Saturday matinees. Going from the dark theatre into the afternoon sun was not enjoyable. It took many squints and grimaces for my eyes to finally get accustomed to being outside. So, too, the entrance of God’s light into a dark soul is often painful; especially when that soul has no desire to live in the light. Because of the discomfort, some simply turn from the light to return to the comfort of darkness. Chrysostom said of the unrepentant, “Like men with sore eyes: they find the light painful, while the darkness, which permits them to see nothing, is restful and agreeable.” Have you ever wondered why people who have made bad decisions continue to do so? To continue in comfortable darkness is easier than to change. Change is painful for the present. People who live only for the “now,” do not want the disturbing possibility that things could actually be better with a little light on the subject. It might cause the discomfort of change. But the prospects of future pain or blessing should be cause to get one to open his eyes and go through some pain now in order to receive future blessings.

For us now, it is better to wrestle with God’s word and find the light of challenging instruction and accept what discomfort may come our way; than to rest in the darkness and experience the momentary bliss of ignorance, to our ultimate demise. -- Ben