All We Truly Need

Our one eternal need is for the grace of God found in Jesus Christ. He alone is the one who offers the fulfillment of abundant life. In striving for abundant life, we are our own worst enemies because many times we think that we can make it happen by our efforts to be good. We only then begin to see that we fall short, and then settle for life according to the futile adage, “what will be, will be.” There’s not much expectation of mercy or hope in that philosophy. Christ has a better way. But we must come to understand some things. God is holy and has revealed His law. We are not holy and have broken His law. Any effort to keep the Law will be futile. The Law, as holy as it is, will always condemn even the best of us. The grace of God reaches down to the worst of us. How it this done?

Striving to keep the Law sends us down the slippery slope. To break the Law in one place, only one time, means the entire Law condemns us. Condemnation brings guilt, guilt brings fear, fear brings stress (anxiety), stress depletes our spirit, vitality, and life. In short, it brings futility, despair and death. Enter Christ.

Christ came and kept the Law, satisfying the Law’s demands for all who are in Him. Through forgiveness of sins based on all that Jesus did, we are no longer under the condemnation of the Law. Where there was condemnation there is forgiveness; where guilt, pardon; where fear, hope; where stress, peace; where peace, strength of spirit, soul and mind. In short, Christ brings life and that abundantly. However, it is not automatic.

Whereas, the Law holds us condemned without our consent; grace, which is offered even to the worst of us, only enters into our lives with our consent. Through repentance we acknowledge that we are guilty in and of ourselves. Through faith in Christ the slippery slope passes from our feet and we stand upon the Rock of our salvation. Abundant life is ours, not for the taking, but for the reception of it. Jesus is all we truly need for in Him is everything that we need for life. -- Ben