Where is the Church in Our Culture?

            With the winds of change blowing so fast, we have to address the challenges to the Scriptural mandates as they appear on the present scene. Before the latest turn-around by the Boy Scouts who now receive openly gay leaders, the California Supreme Court had issued an edict barring all judges in the state system from being Boy Scout volunteers. However, in that decision, it was stated that “there is one final exception recognized by the court in terms of judges in the California system who belong to a discriminatory organization: ‘Religious organizations,’ which means church.” Within two years the Boy Scouts went from totally closed to totally open to homosexuals. Such was the pressure that was applied. Yes, the pressure is great. Can the church really expect not to be challenged? Consider the following. From the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLI), we find they are engaged in many cases representing Christians in court. “One state college rejected a Christian student saying  the medical ‘field is not the place for religion,’ and saying the student’s reliance on ‘God’ and ‘religious beliefs’ for wanting to serve others is not a ‘concrete reason.’” In another case a student was denied admission because he “brought up religion.” One university student was expelled for her faith, another was told to defile the name of Jesus, and another was failed for refusing to agree that Christianity is false.” These are from the ACL. These are real court cases.

Christian organizations are not exempt either. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship groups have been dismissed from all the campuses of the California State University system. Why? “Because it holds to a radical proposal: That is, the student leaders of the Christian ministry ought to be Christian.” The idea that Christians should lead a Christian ministry….so appalling, the nerve!

Folks, this is not where we are headed. This is where we are. Can you imagine the pressure to come upon churches that hold that there is only one way to heaven and that is through faith in Jesus Christ alone? The true church will never give up this fact. So, Christian, strap yourself in the Holy Spirit and hold on. The ride of faith promises to be exciting. -- Ben