Making Time For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, as a national holiday, has truly been upstaged by the special days between which it is observed: Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving Day is sandwiched between the Gory and the Glory. (The difference between the two is the “l” which may stand for Lord, as in the Lord of Glory.) Nevertheless, Thanksgving Day is squeezed almost into non-existence except for the meal. Good news! I have heard a rumor I hope it true, that some stores are returning to the practice of not opening on Thanksgiving Day. That would help some people to make a little room for Thanksgiving in and of itself! There is always time for thanksgiving. It is a good blessing if we take the time to make time for it. There were ten lepers who happened upon Jesus one day as they journeyed alone, together. Jesus said to them, “Go. Show yourselves to the priest as Moses commanded.” As they went, they noticed they were cleansed. So on to the priests they went in obedience to what Jesus said. Except there was one who turned back to Jesus to give Him thanks. That does not mean he didn’t go to the priest later. It means that he took time to give thanks. “Were there not ten cleansed? Where are the nine?” Jesus asked. “Go your way. Your faith has made you whole.” The nine were cleansed of the disease. This one, for his thanksgiving, was made whole. If leprosy had claimed a body part, that part was restored. Perhaps it also means he was cleansed from sin as well. In any case, thanksgiving brought him a greater blessing than the others received. Let us make sure that we make good time for the giving of thanks in our lives. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! -- Ben