Prayer Walk Anyone?

            On Sunday, June 12 at 4:00, I will lead a prayer walk around the neighborhood behind the church. Any and all are welcome to be a part of this visible, non-threatening (all dogs abide by the leash law, right?) ministry into the community. No, we will not carry signs saying we are from AUMC. We will walk and pray. This is a first step in connecting with our neighborhood. For years we have asked them to “come to us”. But Jesus told us to “Go”. We take the Gospel into the world. The world around us used to come. There was a “Christian memory” in most people….back then! But that doesn’t work anymore. We have generations today with no such memory of childhood Sunday school or revivals through which to connect. Therefore, we must take the initiative! Walking and praying give us a good start. We will not knock on doors or seek to converse, unless someone asks, “What are you doing?” Then we can offer to pray specifically for the person. Otherwise, we will stop and pray for the “family in this house and the family in that house and for the ministry of that church and for the students of this school.” You get the idea.

We are not Aldersgate promoting ourselves. We are Christians making a very simple spiritual foray into the world around us. It will be more effective than we may ever know. Make plans to be here, weather permitting. And pray for the effectiveness of the prayer walk!  - - Ben