The Word and Power of God Bring the Kingdom of God

THE WORD AND POWER OF GOD BRING THE KINGDOM OF GOD It has been said that if you have the Word without the Power you dry up. If you have the Power without the Word you blow up. But if you have the Word and the Power you grow up. For many, Christianity is only cerebral, ever learning about the Word but never experiencing it. For others, experience is the proof of everything. “If it makes me feel good, it’s got to be true.” With one or the other, faith dies. With both, faith grows.

To the Sadducees Jesus said, “You are mistaken not knowing the Scriptures nor the power to God”. The Sadducees knew the Scripture academically but not experientially. They also failed to believe what they knew. There are many today who know the Bible but do not believe what it says. Jesus said that not one jot or tittle shall pass away without fulfillment. And all the promises of God are “Yes and Amen” in Christ.

We must ask ourselves if our lives in Christ reflect promises unfilled or promises experienced. Do our lives reflect the promise of Christ to give us life “and that abundantly”? Or do we slide by on a wing and a prayer? If we take the Bible seriously, to know and experience what it says, we will find ourselves growing in the Kingdom of God. It is not up to us to make the promises in the Scriptures alive for God’s sake. God wants to make the promises in the Scripture alive in our lives for our sake. The question is, will we truly seek first the Kingdom, and allow God to add all these things to us? With the Word and the Power, let us grow in the Kingdom.  --  Ben