Extra Mile Campaign

Recently, the Church Council elected to remove a line item from the budget called the Extra Mile for College & Homes. This fund was created several years ago by the Annual Conference to help support the Methodist Senior College Scholarship Fund, Spartanburg Methodist College, and the Methodist Homes Residents’ Assistance. Funding through the Conference budget regarding these items had been reduced and churches were asked to assist in funding these voluntarily. Aldersgate responded by making this a regular part of our budget; however, because of recent financial concerns, Council elected to remove this as a line item from the budget. As a result, we will work on this as a fundraising project for our church with funds designated to this effort, which we are calling the Extra Mile Campaign. For this effort, we are asking that you give up one thing for the month of January and contribute what you would have spent to the Extra Mile Campaign fund. For example, if you drink a cup of Starbucks coffee every day, consider giving up your Thursday cup ($3.25) during January ($13) and donate it to the fund. Our goal is to raise $1000 – that’s 77-people giving up one day of Starbucks for one month, or 38 people giving up two days of Starbucks for one month. Or 100 people giving up one $10 meal for the month of January (dinner at Longhorn or Outback or Olive Garden). Please prayerfully consider making this donation, either by marking your giving envelope or online contribution to “Extra Mile Campaign”.

Janice Miller