Guest Speaker

This week, I am in Nebraska. South Sioux City to be specific, attending a national specialty competition.  Nebraska is in the Great Plains.  When early European settlers came to the area, the land was inhabited by the great Crowe Indian Nation and the Sioux Indian Nation.  The great Homestead Act of 1860 enabled many poor farmers from the east to settle in this area.  The landscape is dotted with large Indian burial grounds and is quite beautiful. We will be staying in a lovely hotel on the banks of a lovely river with walking trails surrounding the grounds of the resort hotel.  I am excited about seeing my good friends.  I also will see several of my dogs who will be competing in various events but none of my personal dogs will go with me.  I am sure you are probably more interested in what is happening at church next Sunday than a travel log of my vacation. Preaching at both services is Greg Brandt who is a certified lay speaker from Irmo, S.C. where he and his wife are members of Union United Methodist church.  Greg is on the board of the Lowman Home, and regularly preaches there.  He is also a cousin through marriage to Ella Jane Messer.  Last year, Ella Jane shared copies of some of the sermons he had preached at the Lowman Home.  I thought they were wonderful and knew you all would love to hear Greg.  I am most grateful to him and his wife for coming to be with us.  He will be assisted at both services by AL Quarles, one of our own lay speakers.

Enjoy, and I know you will give the Brandts a warm welcome.

Pastor Pam