The Loving Hands of Jesus

When I moved to Rock Hill I received many thoughtful gifts.  One was a book of reflections and poetry written by Sharon Rose.  Many of you might not realize what a talented person Sharon is.  I was delighted when she agreed to write the Lenten article for this Sunday.  Thank you for this gift to us all, Sharon.       - Pastor Pam


The Loving Hands of Jesus


Sharon Rose

Many times I have written about hands, not idle hands but hands of service. I have written about my mother’s hands which held me and cared for me most of my life and hers. I have prayed “Lord, When Did My Hands Get Old” and I have written about Jesus’ hands, when he washed the peoples’ feet.

I believe that Jesus had kind and loving hands, when he called the fisherman, when he greeted friends and family, when he helped his earthly father building things, not knowing he was also building a kingdom. I can imagine his hands comforting the sick, dying and raising the dead. I can imagine him gesturing with his hands as he spoke to the multitudes on the mountain. I can see his hands folded in prayer in the garden and his hands and wrists bound by the soldiers when they nailed them to the cross.

I can see the blood on his hands, the blood he shed for us from his beautiful, kind and tender hands. I can imagine him clasping the face of a small child and blessing him and at the last supper, did he not share the bread and cup with his hands? I see his hands with Thomas and I feel his doubt – Oh! That we all could see the hands with the nail holes with all their love and grace and believe.