Lenten Treasure

I have a very old, lovely oak chest at my home.  I love its simple lines.  I found it in an old barn, covered in dirt, straw, and bird droppings.  Someone had thrown old rusted nails into the drawers.  The glue had dried out and separation was occurring at the joints.  My friend tried to dissuade me from taking it, offering another piece in much better shape.  Something about the chest made me want it. See, I had a secret.  I had a very dear friend who could see its beauty and bring it back to life.  It was unrecognizable when Rex finished it, truly a thing of beauty.  The beauty was there all along, hidden under all the grime.  That’s what God does. He recognizes the beauty underneath when no one else does, and brings it out in us.

Lent is a time to take the grime out of our lives and really shine, because we have allowed God to get a hold of us.

Pastor Pam