Four Worship Myths


Four Worship Myths

1. Worship is about me.

2. Worship happens one day a week.

3. Worship is just part of my life.

4. Worship is a religious activity.

If you approach worship with the attitude,

"God, what do you have for me?"

you’re always going to walk away empty.

Ask instead:

"How can I give you praise?"

"How can I give you glory?"

"How can I give you the worth you deserve?"

Only then will you walk away from your time of worship deeply satisfied.

If you arrive early for worship:

1. Pray that everyone who attends the service will have an open heart.

2. Pray for God to open your heart.

3. Pray for the pastor and those leading worship.

4. Prepare your offering.

If you arrive late for Sunday worship:

1. Take a moment to focus your mind on God.

2. Enter quietly and take a seat discreetly.

3. Pray for the service as you enter.

4. No matter what is happening when you walk in,

take a moment to focus yourself on the environment

and ask God to allow you to truly worship.

5. Engage the rest of the worship service fully.

From "Resolve: A New Way to See Worship"

By Nelson Searcy & Jason Hatley