The Big Day

The Big Day

It is very early Monday morning. It is before 5am. I have done my devotional and I am writing in my journal and thinking about what an important day it is in my life. Our district superintendent called me over the weekend and said he wondered if I could come in his office at 10:30 am. He has the folder on my new appointment. A pastoral friend asked, "Did you ask him anything about where you are going?" "No", "I replied. I will know Monday".

Appointment time is a journey of trust. Trusting God, and trusting my colleagues on the cabinet. I know even though I journey in the dark that The Holy Spirit holds my hand and knows where I am going. I also know the fear and anxiety we feel on this blind journey is diminished by prayer: my si-lent prayers and the prayers of my closest friends. Besides there are those around me traveling a more harrowing path in the dark: Friends facing grave illnesses, family crisis. One thing unites us all, the Holy Spirit, our faithful compan-ion. Jesus tells his disciples that he is sending them one greater than he is who will be our Comforter. Wherever I land it will be blessed because I am not alone. because Christ goes before me making the way smooth and the Holy Spirit is my traveling companion. Happy Lent and no,I can't tell you where I am going!









March 16 , 2014