Father Forgive Them

What is the most powerful part of the Easter story for you?

For me it is Jesus' words, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."

I think about the times I was self righteously right about something. The times I felt someone else has wronged me and owed me an apology. The times I have been on my moral high horse.

In my short sighted, self righteousness Christ's words gently condemn me.

Even as he is suffering beyond what I could even comprehend, he manages to offer to us all the words of grace and forgiveness we don't deserve but he gives to us anyway.

I, like Peter must have, fall on my knees feeling the judgment of my own be-havior and the generosity of God's love and forgiveness.

Let's all journey to the cross this week and find the love and forgiveness we all need and the new life only Christ can bring to us.

Pastor, Pam

Aldersgate Experience


April 20, 2014

Aldersgate United Methodist Church Rock Hill, SC www.aumcrockhill.com

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