About a month ago our Homeschoolers came to the office saying they had found several Easter eggs from LAST YEAR'S Easter egg hunt. They asked if we wanted them. We thanked them for their eagle eyes and assured them the trash was the best place for last year's eggs.

This year around 40 children showed up to celebrate Easter at Aldersgate. I hope all the eggs were found but I know, thanks to our children's ministry, the children had a wonderful time.

Easter egg hunting probably played a huge part of our Easter celebrations as children. I actually enjoyed the afternoon Easter egg hunting at my grandparent's backyard more than my Easter basket. My brothers and sis-ter and cousins would all join in. The eggs would be hidden, we would hunt and find them and they would be hidden again. The pattern would be re-peated until the grown ups got tired of hiding them.

Easter eggs are an old tradition within the Christian church. Of course it represents rebirth, but it also goes back to a symbol of creation. The shell represents the tomb hiding the new life breaking forth. The egg is a symbol all of us need! Happy Easter!

Pastor Pam

Aldersgate Experience


April 27, 2014

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