"Make Hay while the Sun Shines!"

Our country is so diverse and beautiful. My vacation was in Huron, Ohio, at the Sawmill Creek Resort. It is a simply lovely area on Lake Erie in Ohio. Unfortunately, I was there a week or two early! It rained, was windy and cold. The ground, only recently having thawed from the brutal winter that area of the country has had, was a gooey mess.

To my amazement the golfers were able to play on the golf course. My Ohio friends told me you play any day you get a chance.

We never know what the next day holds. It may be something that challenges our plans. As a Christian we need to recognize what is beyond our control. Then we need to find the blessings and opportunities in life like the Ohio golfers did.

What's the expression? "Make hay while the sun shines!" That must be a saying that comes from Ohio!

We need to use each opportunity to enjoy life even if things are not going how we like. I had a marvelous vacation in spite of the weather and I encourage you to see that beautiful part of America.

Pastor Pam

Aldersgate Experience


May 11, 2014

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