Morality Comes With The Universe

Like a high-speed train without brakes barreling toward a trestle that is out, so we findourselves in an increasingly immoral world running into the consequences demanded by a moral universe. Denying the existence of morals does not make the morals disappear. It only determines how they will show themselves. By acknowledging them, we build a strong society. Run contrary to them and we will “reap what we sow”. Sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind.

G.K. Chesterton said, “The trouble with someone who does not believe in God is not that he will end up believing in nothing; it is that he will end up believing in anything.” Oftentimes, that which is most popular or trendy is that which guides our culture. Cultural expressions may change but Godly morals do not. If we capitulate to moralisms that say no one has a right to tell others what’s right or wrong for them, we embolden the immoral and make darker our world.

Let’s let our light shine in the darkness. The light of Christ overcomes the darkness. Let’s not hide it under a bushel. Let the truth of the Gospel be spread! Because the danger is not that the world will believe in nothing, but that it will believe in anything. What a shame, when what the world needs is the Gospel truth…and morally so.--Ben