Fellowship Is a Verb! Do It!

Have you talked to (fellowshipped with) your heavenly Father lately? At a church supper where a large crowd was milling around, an exasperated six-year old boy finally blurted out, “Has anyone seen my earthly father?” That made everyone laugh, and a quick search found the “missing” dad. Later, I said to the man, “You know, trying to keep up with your son’s heavenly Father in the availability department, is a tall order, isn’t it? “Yeah, I can’t be there every moment,” he said. And a child shall lead us to understand the difference between what we as parents can do and what God can do. We can be there some of the time, but God is here all the time. The six-year old recognized this. The real question is, “Do we make good use of our Father’s ability; or, rather, availability?” Serving near Charleston for several years, Barbara and I never went there to see the sights. It was always nearby. We would go “later”. Many years, several appointments and many miles further away, we finally went for a few days, not long enough to “see it all,” but we’ve never been back. Why didn’t we see “all of it” while we were near? It’s human nature. We take for granted that which is at hand and allow the daily opportunities to sift through our fingers on the premise of “tomorrow we will”.

Let’s not allow the immediacy of God’s continual presence be the reason we postpone Fellowship with Him until “later”. Barbara and I finally saw Charleston a little. Let’s make sure we fellowship with Christ a lot. Do it! -- Ben