Faithful Posture

For thousands of years people have considered how to best reflect their faith by their outward appearance. At times, some would constantly look upward to indicate that they were looking to God for strength. However, they were accused of looking down their noses at others. Some would keep their heads bowed toward the ground in humility. However, they were prone to bump into doors, people, even the heads of similarly-minded folks. The fact is, there is no outward posture that is best to depict true faith or piety to the world except to realize that, while faith is extremely personal, it cannot be private! True faith must have outward expression in the context of society. It must be shared. To accomplish this, there is one posture every Christian should cultivate. A college professor told his classes, “Christians should be restfully available for immediate service.” To put aside stress, strain and worry in order to be rested in spirit to hear the Lord’s voice, to see the Lord’s opportunities, to speak the Lord’s word, and to do the Lord’s service. Now that’s good Christian posture. -- Ben