Worship Essentials

What is the most essential element of worship? Some would say the form; others, the liturgy, the sanctuary, the heart. We would be reminded by some that the expectation we bring to worship would be the most essential. Yet, our opinions on all these things are controlled and determined by ourselves. We think the most essential are those things we like the best….our preferences. This istrue for those who attend the highest liturgical services as well as those who believe they can worship anywhere and their closeness to God is determined by the size of the fish they are reeling in at the moment, and everyone else in between.

However, the essentials to worship do not rest with us. The essential element is the One being worshiped, Jesus Christ. He said that the Father seeks those who worship in spirit and truth. Outward forms of all types become idols when they mean as much or more than spirit and truth. “In the last days people will be lovers of pleasure rather lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying the power (authority).” Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth and has the keys of death and hell. He is also the Truth who sends His Spirit. Without the Spirit and Truth we have nothing but the form by which we worship self (that which pleases us) in Jesus’ name. How given to pleasure and how given to the authority of Christ are we….really? It is reflected in the essentials of worship. -- Ben